Services | Industrial Cleaning


If you're wondering if Olympia Maintenance can address your specific cleaning needs, the answer is we most likely can.

Whether it’s a scheduled plant shut-down or a special project, we can help. All types of manufacturing businesses, small & large, can benefit from our professional industrial cleaning service. Everything from the overhead building structure to machinery on the floor is our specialty.

Complete factory overheads, including ceilings, roof decks, walls, joists, piping, beams, light fixtures, ducts, fans, etc. are meticulously cleaned to your specifications. Our skilled, safety conscious staff will either vacuum clean these areas or wash them clean using our proven methods. The result is a brighter, healthier work environment.

We remove dust and grease so your maintenance people can find problems faster – even the smallest of leaks become obvious. Clean machinery also reduces the risk of contamination of your finished products.

Both your employees and customers benefit from clean, well maintained machinery. A clean industrial environment means your work will be completed on time and at the highest quality for your clients. Contact us today with your industrial cleaning needs.