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OMI Grease Filter Exchange Program


If you have ever tried cleaning your kitchen exhaust system's hood filters, you know it can be an extremely messy task. And if you don’t have an extra set of grease filters on hand, you’ll have to stop cooking until your filters are cleaned & replaced. Instead of cleaning your grease filters at your facility, why not let Olympia Maintenance change the filters for you?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider OMI's
grease filter exchange program:

arrow OMI has a team of trained service professionals that have been performing grease filter exchanges in and around Chicago for over 40 years!

arrow We remove your greasy filters and install clean filters safely and swiftly at a service time that is convenient to your operation.

arrow No need for you to purchase harsh soaps or chemicals to clean your grease filters.  We have developed a proven, environmentally friendly  filter cleaning process. All of the waste-water created as a result of our process is collected, treated and recycled.  This makes our grease filter replacement service a much greener option than cleaning the filters yourself.  

arrow No clogged drains from cleaning filters in your sink, and no worries about polluting our waterways with grease laden water.

arrow You set the change-out frequency. Grease filter exchange services can be done weekly, monthly, every other month or longer depending on your facility's needs.  Our men will be at your facility on the specified day & time you request. 

arrow Properly cleaned grease filters will help remove grease before it enters the kitchen exhaust system.