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Grease Exhaust Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood
Cleaning & Degreasing


For more than 40 years, Olympia Maintenance has been providing kitchen exhaust cleaning and other commercial cleaning services to restaurants and other commercial facilities all over Chicago and  surrounding suburbs. 

A proper cleaning and degreasing of your commercial kitchen exhaust system on a regular frequency greatly reduces the risk of a fire in your establishment.  Commercial exhaust hood cleaning is also a requirement of municipalities and insurance companies for restaurants & industrial kitchens throughout the Chicago area.  At Olympia Maintenance, we utilize several different techniques during our grease vent hood cleaning to guarantee your entire exhaust system is grease-free and meets NFPA 96 standards.  Every vent hood cleaning provided by OMI is well-documented with pictures of your entire grease exhaust system before & after our service, as well as a service report that outlines any issues with your kitchen exhaust system that may need special attention. 

Grease exhaust system cleaning performed by OMI may include:

arrow Canopy Hoods
arrow Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning
arrow Vertical Exhaust Duct Cleaning
arrow Exhaust Fan Cleaning
arrow Multi-Story Vertical Stacks
arrow Throw-out Ducts
arrow Backsplash
arrow Grease Containment Device filter change-out
arrow NFPA 96 approved UL listed access panel installation


Safe & Grease-Free Work Environment

Our entire kitchen exhaust system cleaning includes digital photographs which are taken before & after each cleaning. The photos are then inspected by one of our IKECA certified exhaust cleaning specialists, and any problems or system abnormalities will be reported to you.  Upon request, the photos from your system cleaning can be sent to you via standard mail or email. 

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We Keep a Record of your Cleaning

Our scheduling department will keep a record of the cleaning frequency for your establishment and will contact you to set up future services. We will schedule service at a time that is convenient for you, eliminating the need to disrupt your normal business operations. For safety and customer convenience, we utilize three service technicians on every crew. Contact us today to schedule an exhaust cleaning for your facility.