About Olympia Maintenance

Founders Jim Loresch and Neal Iorii

Olympia Maintenance

Founded back in 1972 by our President Neal Iorii & Vice President Jim Loresch. With over 30 employees dedicated to serving you, OMI has grown into one of the largest indoor air quality companies in Illinois.

We proudly serve all of metropolitan Chicago and the surrounding suburban communities, including Northwest Indiana and southern Wisconsin.

We have over 11,000 square feet of warehouse space & more than 15 service vehicles, which gives us the capacity to handle ALL of your commercial & industrial indoor air quality needs. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, as well as helping your business comply with insurance company requirements.

OMI possesses the technology & experience to handle any commercial job, including office buildings, schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and multilevel apartment complexes and condos.



                  IKECANADCA These associations are highly respected in, and at the cutting edge of, their industries!


Members of our staff

arrow Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialists (CECS)
arrow Certified Exhaust System Inspectors (CESI) through IKECA
arrow Air System Cleaning Specialists (ASCS) through NADCA

All of these associations require yearly continuing education credits to keep these certifications. With the constant education of our IKECA and NADCA certified staff, Olympia Maintenance, inc. is able to stay at the forefront of any and all new regulations, standards, technology, equipment, products, safety and cleaning techniques.