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Maintain Your HVAC System with our Air Filter Exchange Program

arrow A scheduled air filter replacement service means you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your HVAC equipment is being suffocated by clogged filters, which is a leading cause of equipment failure.  Our filter costs are much lower than full-service HVAC companies, and as a result, our HVAC air filter replacement service is more cost effective.

arrow Stop wasting money.  Replacing your air filters on a specified frequency will alleviate stress on your HVAC equipment.  Better efficiency from your air handling units will lower operating costs.

arrow Olympia Maintenance will work with you & your team to develop a custom air filter exchange program designed to meet the needs of your specific facility.  We can come to your place of business, survey the HVAC equipment, recommend a proper air filter change frequency and give you a free quote!  

arrow While changing your air filters, our service technicians will look for abnormalities (belt noises, plugged drains on coils, all access doors properly secured).  Any problems will be reported to you at the completion of the service.

arrow Top commercial grade MERV 8 air filters are used to create an exact fit and either match or improve upon the operating efficiency of your filters OEM replacement.  And, as always, safety is our main concern at your facility.

 Contact OMI about exchanging your air filters today