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40 Years Experience in Air Duct Cleaning

A complete indoor air system cleaning includes the air handling units, coils, blowers, fresh air intake duct, supply & return ducts, supply diffusers and return air intake grills. We pressure wash the units, coils & blowers. These components are then rinsed free of all detergent residue. The HVAC fresh air intake duct, along with supply & return ducts are HEPA brush vacuum cleaned to remove all dirt and other visible accumulation. All supply diffusers and return air intake grills are removed, cleaned & replaced. Smaller ducts are accessed from diffuser openings and access openings, which OMI provides when necessary.  OMI has been performing HVAC cleaning in the Chicago area since 1972.

Throughout our proven cleaning method, our trained air duct cleaning professionals use a rotary brush duct cleaning system and HEPA filtered 5000 CFM negative air units.

Upon completion of your commercial or industrial air duct cleaning, access openings are sealed with a gasket sheet metal cover. We take all precautions to protect surrounding work areas. Digital photographs are taken before and after each service, and the pictures are reviewed by one of our NADCA air system cleaning specialists.

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